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december 11


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iPad mini 16GB 32GB 64GB
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iPad mini AT&T $185 $215 $255
iPad mini Verizon $165 $195 $235
iPad mini Sprint $160 $190 $230
iPad 4 Retina
iPad 4 Wi-Fi $230 $240 $260
iPad 4 AT&T $245 $255 $275
iPad 4 Verizon $235 $245 $265
iPad 4 Sprint $230 $240 $260
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It is forcast to be Chance of Rain at 9:00 PM GMT on December 04, 2013
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It is forcast to be Rain at 9:00 PM GMT on December 05, 2013
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Puzzling With Online Games (BAM-COG): Reliability, Validity, and Feasibility of an Online Self-Monitor for Cognitive Performance in Aging Adults
by Teun Aalbers, Maria A E Baars, Marcel G M Olde Rikkert, Roy P C Kessels
(Published on 03 Dec 2013)
Background: Online interventions are aiming increasingly at cognitive outcome measures but so far no easy and fast self-monitors for cognition have been validated or proven reliable and feasible. Objective: This study examines a new instrument called the Brain Aging Monitor–Cognitive Assessment Battery (BAM-COG) for its alternate forms reliability, face and content validity, and convergent and divergent validity. Also, reference values are provided. Methods: The BAM-COG consists of four easily accessible, short, yet challenging puzzle games that have been developed to measure working memory (“Conveyer Belt”), visuospatial short-term memory (“Sunshine”), episodic recognition memory (“Viewpoint”), and planning (“Papyrinth”). A total of 641 participants were recruited for...
Young Men’s Views Toward the Barriers and Facilitators of Internet-Based Chlamydia Trachomatis Screening: Qualitative Study
by Karen Lorimer, Lisa McDaid
(Published on 03 Dec 2013)
Background: There is a growing number of Internet-based approaches that offer young people screening for sexually transmitted infections. Objective: This paper explores young men’s views towards the barriers and facilitators of implementing an Internet-based screening approach. The study sought to consider ways in which the proposed intervention would reach and engage men across ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Methods: This qualitative study included 15 focus groups with 60 heterosexual young men (aged 16-24 years) across central Scotland, drawn across age and socioeconomic backgrounds. Focus groups began by obtaining postcode data to allocate participants to a high/low deprivation category. Focus group discussions involved exploration of men’s knowledge of chlamydia,...
Fixtures of Thursday 5 December 2013
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21:00 Olympique Lyonnais Match statistics  between Olympique Lyonnais and Toulouse FC Toulouse FC
Canada Cartage hit with $100-million lawsuit over overtime pay (16) 
New HoS rules costing drivers, fleets productivity with no safety benefit: Schneider (12) 
BREAKING: Celadon Canada buys Yanke (12) 
Driver shortage discussed at APTA meeting (7) 
Graves shocker: My advice is to sell your Republican shares and buy Democrat  (4) 
BC Trucking Association seeks immigrant drivers (4) 
Hours-of-service rules top concern of US trucking executives (4) 
OOIDA adds more evidence new HoS rules costing drivers (4) 
US fleets increasing pay packages to attract drivers (4) 
Congress hears complaints about impact of new HoS rules (3)